The “Y” Revival!


Did you know that the Mississauga YMCA where we currently have our monthly fellowship started on November 24, 1989? They will be celebrating 30 years in just two weeks, 7 days before our last gathering of 2019. 7 happens to be the number of completeness and perfection.

The number 30 is a very important number in scripture. Jesus began His public ministry at age 30. John the Baptist started with his at 30. When King David came on the throne in Israel, he was at the age of 30. When Joseph was 30 years old, he began with his government in Egypt, after he left the prison. The YMCA Mississauga which turns 30 soon, is not only a place we go after God’s heart, but a divine appointed place we believe God releases people into what He’s called them to do for His glory.

Make plans to be at this ”Holy Ground” gathering, where we believe there will be a burning in our hearts from Jesus which will result to us going out to burn for Him in various places. 

This gathering will also be the day I release my audiobook. To support the campaign please visit

See you all at ”325 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga, Ontario”



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