A recycled story!


There is a true life event of a high school teacher that once told one of his student going through a rough path that they would die before they turned 20 years old. This discouraging words would add on to the long list of lies this young student had heard all his life to that point which eventually led to very severe physical assault.

It can be very discouraging when those we look up to speak words of defeat over us. If you are a person being traumatized by hurtful words from a person you once looked up to, rebuke that lie from the pit of hell right now. We have the power to break curses and speak life over ourselves in Jesus name.

The student rehearsed the lies for many months his teacher had spoken over him. They wondered and feared what many oppositions awaited them; they would continue in the path of despair feeling stuck in a dungeon of discouragement.

A time came when that young man was liberated by the One who came to set the captives free when they had surrendered and given all their struggles to Him-Jesus.

That student would look back in time and reflect in his writings saying ”The voices and lies of the enemies seems to be the loudest right before a massive breakthrough in our God given stories”. You’ll see a turnaround if you don’t give up when you hear the enemies voices and lies!

My friends, that student was me!

I’ve learned God is extremely good at recycling our stories for something good. He also doesn’t microwave His people; He slow cooks them…taking them through the fire that leads to them being refined and re-fired for His glory. The many discouraging lies and voices the enemy has meant for my destruction over the years, is now being used by God for something good. God’s word over you today is peace, joy, restoration, breakthrough, life and more of Him.

There are still many people out there that are trapped by the lying voices of the enemy. I know this through having done over ”40 Indigo book signings” and speaking to thousands of people face to face. I am asking you to join me in being an encouraging voice to many this season through my soon to be released audio book inspired by my first book ”Love Rained Down: 40 Days Of Encouraged. Your support for anything toward helping us produce this ”audiobook” would go a long way as we position ourselves to be an open heaven toward those that are feeling discouraged.

Visit my campaign page here and watch our recent documentary film for free. https://www.gofundme.com/f/love-rained-down-039039audio-book039039?fbclid=IwAR0-tHjYSqckqZ9Yqaj1TnEW4C1J13_fK1PLmuUE7r2owHeI-AA2hqoXIRE




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