Church L.I.F.E

There was that big question, what are we willing to risk to pursue our God given dreams and passion in our hearts this season. A question for you, What are you willing to risk to pursue your God given dream and passion this season of your life. There will never be a perfect time to do what God has called us to do for Him…now is the time! Just like God makes a way for us, He’s calling us to live a life of faith and become a way-maker for others. Our recent gathering at the YMCA was very impactful, we are seeing God do so many incredible things!

We are not waiting for a move of God, we see ourselves as a move of God.

Stay connected with us, through your prayers and partnership…we hope to have ”Church L.I.F.E” gatherings once a month at the YMCA auditorium. We are very excited to see many lives burn for Jesus and see them step out in faith into His dream for their lives! Remember this season to Live Intentionally Fully Engaged!



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