You are the God who sees!


”You are the God who sees me” was the name Hagar gave the Lord when she encountered Him in Genesis 16:13. Hagar was badly mistreated by her mistress Sarai, which led to her fleeing from her to a desert. She would eventually be found near a spring in the desert by the angel of the Lord.

So often we find ourselves in the same situation as Hagar while we are faithfully serving those in authority over us. We are sometimes treated unfairly and badly, we wonder if God sees what’s going on, but God wants you to remember the name He was given by Hagar today. ”He is the God who sees you”.

He knows everything you are going through! As we continue to march with purpose this season, life may be tough but God is tougher; life may feel dry, something like the desert Hagar fled to, But remember there’s a spring around the corner…Jesus is that living spring, and when we drink from Him, rivers of living water flow from within us which produces a love flow in our hearts.

Whatever situation you may be in today, remember blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy!



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