Dear 2018!


Dear 2018,

There’s a version of myself I have never met I intend to meet! I want you to know I am bringing the heat with the world being so cold. I am marching forth into my God ordained purpose , and I will accomplish that which God has called me to in Jesus Name.

2018 may not be an easy year for you, but there will be powerful lessons in it that will benefit you and help you in your march with God.

When God calls us to do something, it’s going to bring us to a version of ourselves we’ve never met! My next book that is about to be published, “Love Rained Down: 30 Day March With Purpose” is all about a march to a version of ourselves Jesus really wants us to meet and know. Christ in us is what will make this possible.

There is a purpose in every phase of our stories. This is why we can’t give up on our stories just because we don’t like a chapter. “And we know that all things (not some things) work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

At the end of my 11th book signing last November 11th, 2017 at a Burlington Indigo book store here in Ontario, I knew the planned detour God had me on was a preparation for what He had next. I met people at my book signings who had questions for me regarding their purpose. I knew there had to be a next book that tackled the subject of purpose.

There were so many powerful moments last year I knew for a fact the Lord had set up. If I had not written my first book which was focused on encouraging people, I would have missed out on the needed experience God had planned for me. We must partner with God and see His dream for our lives come into affect. When we do this, we become miracles and answers to other people.

As we dive into 2018, remember to M.A.R.C.H with purpose.                                              –

  • Move When God tells you to.  
  • Act when you see a God ordained opportunity.
  • Rise to the occasion, it’s now 2018.  
  • Call on the name of JESUS; He will help you through.  
  • Host God’s presence everywhere you go.

It is my prayer again, the hearts of many get flooded with God’s love this year. If you feel to sow any financial amount into my next book, please do so in the link below. Big thank you in advance.

Solomon Davies


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