Before publishing my first book, there were many times I fell in the trap of discouragement…believing the lies of the enemy that I wasn’t qualified to write a book. There were challenges after challenges, but I had to make decisions to rise again every time I fell to the enemies lie that I wasn’t qualified.

I have now learned that our darkest trial can be our greatest growth. Some of the deepest and most valuable treasures are found in caves of tribulation. We sometimes wonder if God notices the challenges the enemy often throws at us, the answer is yes He does.

For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again-Proverbs 24:16

You may have fallen few times already this month due to challenges; my encouragement for you here is to rise again. The scenes we want to skip the most in our stories are the scenes God uses the most to bring about an expected end in our lives. Don’t be ashamed to celebrate victories that may seem small to others. Only you and God know what they really cost.

Our seasons sometimes feel like we’re constantly on snowy slippery ground, but these are seasons God raises us up, teaching us how to walk on slippery grounds overcoming every obstacle life throws at us. You may be hungry for a word from God today; He’s banner over you right now is abundant life as mentioned in John 10:10.

God is near! In our darkest hour, in our deepest questions, The Lord of Hosts never leaves nor forsakes us.




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