God of immeasurably more! 8 Lessons being an author and from my book signings at Indigo book stores.


I love a quote by Louie Giglio that says “God is not confined by what we can imagine. He’s not constrained by what we can think up. He’s the God of immeasurably more.” I am not just writing this blog to give 8 lessons from my adventure so far, but more so to celebrate the stories Jesus has been telling through my life. Stories of salvations, hope, love, peace, encouragements, testimonies and of miracles.

Here are 8 lessons!

1)I have learned Jesus really is the God of immeasurably more: So often we doubt if God can do great things through us, yes He can. Not being able to read or write for so many years, It’s hard to believe sometimes that God had a book for me to write with His help that is now being sold through Indigo book stores and other major big platforms. There’s been so many testimonies from my book so far. I am a witness God does not call the qualified, He equips and qualifies the called.

2)God does not look at the outward appearance, He looks at the heart. I learned a powerful lesson at a recent book signing, I was so concerned about what people would think of my outfit, to later be reminded by God that He looks at the heart not our outward appearance. It turned out that God showed up at that signing in a powerful way and He wanted me to focus on ministering to the hearts of people rather than my outfit.

3)God loves to surprise us. I have seen God through my indigo book signings surprise me in really good ways. I have had friends show up to my book signings when I least expected, and the encouraging words they had for me was so timely. All Jesus.

4)People are hurting out there, Showing you really care is what sets up the testimony that follows: I have met people going through a lot of severe pain at my book signings. From a mom who’s daughter committed suicide, someone who’s best friend got shot with a gun at the restaurant and died, to people with health issues. There were times I was led to just pray for them, other times God gave me encouraging words to share with them. But the key was, I really cared and honestly wanted to encourage them.

5) Not taking no sometimes for an answer can be the difference maker in someone else’s life. I approached a customer who came into one of the indigo book store I had a book signing about buying my book. He rudely said he was not interested and walked away. Thankfully I saw him again on his way out, and he rudely said no the second time and walked out of the book store. To my surprise, 2 minutes later he came back in the book store and ask to get one of my book. I signed a copy and gave it to him! I was curious to find out what happened outside, he said he heard a voice in the back of his head to come get my book, and he suddenly remembered he and his wife had discussed the night before, they wanted to see change in their lives. Go God!!!

6)Stay on the mission to still love on people as Jesus commanded even when they don’t want your product. I have met people that didn’t want to buy my book, but we still had great conversations which led to them wanting to take my contact. Who knows what could come out of that in the future.

7) Own the stage! It’s been hard for me to take it all in that I am actually an author of a book. In all my 8 book signings at Indigo, they have treated me with great respect and kindness.  They are quick to ask me how they can help me or if I need anything. I have quickly learned to owned the stage and seize every opportunity to be the one to serve rather than to be served.

8) You are the church everywhere you go. I once heard it said that Christianity is the only religion that it’s founder is present everywhere. Where two or three are together Jesus is there. At all my book signings, I am quick to minister to people when I see an open door in the conversation knowing Jesus is always with me. Through this, I have been able to speak to pastors, other Christians, people that have left the church, those that are lost. Its been a thrill to see Jesus work in and through me.













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