We have an invitation to cloth ourselves with God’s love, seizing every moment He sends our way.


Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you-Isaiah 60:1

We live in a time people like saying ‘’the best is yet to come.’’ This statement is often made with no action steps to follow. The best is yet to come, is for people who are determined, driven and are eager to seize every God ordained opportunity that comes their way for God’s glory. We’ve been encouraged in scriptures to let our light so shine that the world may see us and glorify our Father in heaven.

There will never be a better time to do the things God has placed in our heart to do for Him – the best time to do it is now. We must rise and shine by faith, knowing today is the day of the Lords favor to do the impossible with His help.

You may be wondering what it means to seize the moment. Seizing the moment has everything to do with stepping out in faith in every opportunity God brings our way. It might be in the smallest thing, like buying food and coffee for a homeless person, or something big like helping in a church plant. Seizing the moment is all about having a mindset to be a difference maker in whichever way God chooses to work through you.

It’s not a great moment that makes a person significant; it’s a great person that makes a moment significant. We remember the great King David in ‘’1 Samuel 17,’’ he had every reason to do the errands his father asked of him and go back home; but he would see a God ordained opportunity and would seize the moment… defeating Goliath. Jesus has given us His name, His power, and His authority to have a great impact in the world, where ever you may be right now, be more aware of Jesus and know you can be the difference maker right where He has positioned you.

 Solomon Davies









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