God answers our ”Why Not Me”, With ”Seize The Moment”.

I love this quote by Mark Batterson ”Many people never see God part the Jordan River in their lives because their feet are firmly planted on dry ground. We’re waiting for God to make a move while God is waiting for us to make a move. We say to God, “Why don’t you part this river?” And God says to us, “Why don’t you get your feet wet?” But if you make a move, you’ll see God move. And He can move heaven and earth.”
There are many of us who want to do great things for God, but many of us aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities God sends our way everyday. I believe Great moves of God are seen when we live a YES life and take advantage of Gods power at work in us. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us, It’s also the same Spirit that came on Samson in (Judges 14:6) when he tore a lion apart with his bare hands. Imagine what God’s Spirit can do through us if we are willing to seize every moment for God’s glory. If we have the audacity to ask Him to move in our day, He will always show up in big or small ways.
We are encouraged in (Ephesians 5:16) to make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. If God’s people don’t fill the earth with Righteousness, the unrighteous will fill the earth with unrighteousness. So instead of saying Why not me; seize every moment God sends your way and don’t keep letting God’s moment for you pass you by.
This is our moment, this is our time…. Remember this new month, Christ in you will be the hope of glory. Right where you’re at, You’ve been positioned to be a testament to the goodness of God. Press in and remember you’re pregnant with a word from God to seize the moment.
Solomon Davies.

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