God’s Cook Book!


God doesn’t microwave His children; He slow cooks them taking them through the fire and preparing them for great adventures to destroy the works of Satan. This truth to go has everything to do with being at joy knowing God isn’t through with you yet. Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, is always behind the scenes cooking something hot in our stories.

Everything you’ve ever been through has been a preparation for where you are now in life. Your past is past, anticipate what is coming and seize the moment. You might be saying, I don’t have any idea about the type of past you’ve had, this is true; God knows your past and has always been with you like a good Father would. He somehow uses our past for something good and for our development.

Like a great chef, God is slowly putting supernatural ingredients in place that will transport you to your next level of development. Every phase of your life has been a divine recipe that has been used by God to prepare and cook you for this moment.

Solomon Davies


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