Under Construction, God is working!


We’ve often heard the phrase, ”The best is yet to come”…But to receive the best things coming our way, we must allow God to continue the construction work that must be done in our lives for His glory. God loves us the way we are, but refuses to leave us that way. He wants us to be just like Jesus.

I read an article by Greg Laurie; he explained how Michelangelo was once asked what he was trying to create as he chipped away at a shapeless rock. He replied, “I am liberating an angel from this stone.”

So is the Spirit of the Lord in our lives, His mission is to make Jesus known to us by doing continual construction work in our lives. We are being developed, cultivated, and pruned as we are God’s ambassadors here on earth. Endure the construction work being done in your life knowing broken things can become blessed things if we let God do the mending.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of construction work going on in my city. The process looks messy and chaotic. It seems as though they are on a revamp mission to ensure the city is in the best possible shape to live in. So is it with the work being carried out in our lives….

  • We may see a mess; But God wants us to see His message.
  • We may see Chaos, but God wants us to know He is building our character.

Do not be discouraged by the messy process, always remember, you are a work in progress. Holiness is God’s Goal for every believer. We can be assured and confident, that the work He’s begun will be completed until the day of Christ Jesus- Philippians 1:6

You might be a person thinking there is a delay for that thing you’ve been praying to God for. Delay does not mean denial. Trust God’s timing and be encouraged by the truth that He is working.

But Jesus replied, “My Father is always working, and so am I.”-John 5:17


Solomon Davies.


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