God answers our ”Why me”, with ”Wait And See”. There is treasure in your darkness.


There is an ultimate bully who goes out, using people to steal, kill and destroy ”John10:10. Tomorrow March 12th we assemble, saying ENOUGH! I know what it’s like to be silently in pain…feeling like giving up. The only encouragement I can think of when I look back at my 16 year old self who had been spat on, had school bag with books thrown in toilet, called hurtful names, bullied and even assaulted…

I would tell him, because he’s been chosen for God’s glory, he is going to have to endure his trial…to hang on and to wait and see. You might be a person who is experiencing hate, know that God values you and considers you an object of His affection. Our ultimate worth is derived from Him.

God hides treasure in trials. God allows trials for the chosen. God allows the chosen to triumph. God always answers our ”Why Me” with a ”Wait and See”….It is then He shows us that He is God, working our stories behind the scenes for good.

I will be speaking at this years “No To Bullying” event happening Tomorrow March 12, 5pm at Studio 89 in Mississauga. Come out and support the great movement. The event is $5 @ the door and all proceeds will be donated to the Peel Regional District school board for their anti-bullying campaign across Peel region


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