When the Son of man returns will He find any faith-Luke 18:8

Below is a picture of me at my transit stop in Amsterdam, waiting for my connecting flight to Nigeria. There were moments while waiting for my connecting flight, I got really bored and tired….It felt like my connecting flight to Nigeria was never going to come. I knew the wait period at my transit stop was about 6 hours, but I was still impatient. I remember hearing the announcement for us to get our passport ready to board into the plane, It brought such excitement and relief, knowing I was on my last connecting flight to my destination Nigeria.
Recently I had a vivid dream just after an intense fellowship with friends, I had gone to sleep that night expecting to receive a dream…and the Lord delivered. In my dream I was in a transit stop waiting for my connecting flight to my destination. But while at my transit, there were so many things going on….everyone around me were distracted and busy doing other things. All of a sudden, there was a strong knowing, that there was a plane coming. I woke up with that strong impression that a redemption plane was coming, and there would be confirmation after my conversation with a few others that morning.

Love a quote a friend shared from Spurgeon, “Procrastination is not only the thief of time, but the murderer of many souls”. I believe my dream is another reminder from the Lord that He is coming soon, and also an encouragement to those that have been waiting for what they have been praying for…not to give up. There is what I call a redemption plane coming that will deliver those promises for the glory of God. While we wait, we can’t procrastinate with the lost, we can’t procrastinate with what we’ve been called to do by God for His glory. Stay focus and put your faith to work.

Faith is our passport in the kingdom, just like you don’t get to travel without one on earth your likely limited without faith in the kingdom. We are encouraged in “John 2:5”, to do whatever Jesus tells us to do, so when He returns…He finds us putting our faith to work.

Question for you, knowing there is a plane coming…do you have your passport ready? Are you burning for the Lord and putting your faith to work? If you are not sure about this answer then pray this short prayer; Lord get me Ready, Active and Zealous for the things you love. Show me the areas in my life that I need to trust you in and please give me the boldness to do the things you have placed in my heart to do for your glory.

Solomon Davies


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