Canada Shall Be Saved!

I heard the words “Canada Shall Be Saved” for the very first time on Saturday, September 2015 by the very powerful anointed German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

It is estimated that close to 80 million people converted to Christianity under his tenure of preaching that was done mostly in Africa. Reinhard Bonnke is considered by many as the Billy Graham of Africa. 80 million people saved is just over two times the population of Canada. Reinhard Bonnke died 4 years after the only time I got to see him preach a life changing message at a big church conference in Toronto Canada.

Early on in Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry, the Lord gave him a dream of a blood washed Africa, and he later heard the Holy Spirit groan out the words “Africa Shall Be Saved”. I strongly believe It was a God idea and a divine ordained appointment that the Holy Spirit allowed me to be one of the people present at his last preaching in Toronto Canada back in 2015. Prior to this evangelistic experience, I had seen and known many Christians that had been conditioned to be spectators. I remember leaving Reinhards preaching filled with an unusual excitement.

Can I be real with y’all? I caught the heart and revelation of the “Canada Shall Be Saved” declaration by Reinhard Bonnke years after I heard him say it. The Lord had told Reinhard Bonnke before he began preaching that evening in Toronto that Canada would be saved. This was 5 years before the pandemic happened. Canada is pregnant and will see a series of many Holy Spirit touchdowns in 2022. Though Canada has a government that currently wants nothing to do with God….God will have His way. According to a recent statistic, most people in Canada aren’t saved! Though it may feel like Canada is in a tomb at the moment, I believe it shall rise again. I want to finish this blog by a recent eye opening experience I had while rewatching that 2015 preaching of Reinhard Bonnke in Toronto Canada. As I saw the date he declared that Canada would be saved, I realized we are entering the 7th year of his Holy Spirit declaration. It will be 7 years this September 2022 since the late Reinhard Bonnke declared “Canada Shall Be Saved”. 7 is God’s number for perfection….we are about to see God perfect His word concerning Canada…. that it shall be saved. Get ready, we have a God that can save Canada in just 7 days. The same God that saved the people of Nineveh, will be showing up in a big way in Canada. God is moving His people from declarations, to Participation. Praying that many that have been conditioned to be spectators in the church will become participants in this great move of the Spirit. I believe many will be activated, launched out and discover the roar within them as they walk by faith in 2022. Many will catch God’s burning desire for lost souls to be saved. Friends prepare yourself, as the bridegroom visits His bride in an unusual way. Be well positioned for this wave of the Holy Spirit. Your brother in Christ, Solomon


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