It’s just not a football game.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will host the CFL championship for first time in 49 years. Another interesting fact that caught my attention is that it has been 22 years since the Tiger-Cats won the Grey Cup. I find it interesting that this championship game comes right before we enter 2022. Could God be preparing Hamilton for the long awaited revival? Could this be the moment many have been praying for? I believe the church in Hamilton will see a move of God sooner than they think. Ravenhill Leonard said it best “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity”. If this is Hamilton’s turning point for revival and moment, then this opportunity must be seized for God’s glory.

Above is Dane Evans of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Globe And Mail reported Dane Evans came off the bench to lead the Tiger-Cats over Argonauts. I didn’t watch the game but it was reported to be a remarkable thrilling comeback for Hamilton led by Dane Evans. The last four words of the friend’s Facebook status I found out about the game and win from was “Grey cup in Hamilton”. I instantly felt intrigued to find out further having discerned that this was more than a game and also the fact that I am currently reading about the 1857 Hamilton Revival that was led by Phoebe Palmer.
Dane Evans helping the Tiger-Cats to a thrilling comeback to win the game excites me because it was exactly 3 months ago from writing this blog that I met Dane Evans at a local grocery store in Hamilton. My family had just moved to Hamilton two weeks before I met Dane. This experience was my first time going out to explore the city. You might be wondering how I came across Dane Evans in a busy grocery store. The answer is Holy Spirit…He is extremely good at positioning us for divine appointments and success. The Holy Spirit had me worshipping out loud at the busy grocery store while everyone else was muzzled with their mask. It wasn’t long before I walked by a guy with a Tiger-Cats hat on with his mother beside him and it happened to be Dane Evans. The Holy Spirit had positioned me for that moment because He knew Dane Evans who happens to be a Christian would be used in a massive way to bring about shift in the city of Hamilton. In a previous blog here, I shared an acronym for G.O.S.P.E.L (God’s Only Son Pursuing Every Life). Jesus is still in the business of seeking and saving those that are lost. Remember, He desires that none should perish. He works through those that are available and flexible and He can use anything to bring about an awakening in a city. The Grey Cup final in Hamilton right before the crossover to 2022 might be just what He uses to stir revival in the land. My assignment with Dane Evans the day I met him was very simple and Holy Spirit led. I asked if I could PRAY FOR HIM AND HIS TEAM. While he said yes to my prayer offer with his mother waiting beside him, I remember praying a simple prayer of victory over him and his team after hearing they were going through a challenging period. My friends prayer not only changes things it moves mountains.
Since I met Dane Evans at the grocery store i’ve intentionally gone out proclaiming the gospel in the downtown Hamilton area believing that the city is about to have an unusual visitation from the Lord Himself. Just like Dane Evans led his team to a thrilling comeback, I believe the Lord is bringing about a COMEBACK revival to the city of Hamilton. There will be a great awakening in the city before the Lord “COMES BACK” and many will be “COMING BACK” to Him that have walked away. So to my believing friends reading this blog remember Dane Evans and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in your prayer this week as they attempt to win the Grey Cup after 22 years. It’s more than a football game. Hamilton is about to experience an unusual visitation from the Lord. Remember revival is a Person and that person is Jesus. He is excited when people are awakened to the reality of who He is. If there is great rejoicing in heaven when one soul gets saved according to Luke 15:7 imagine what happens in heaven when a city gets saved? The same God that sent Jonah to the people of Nineveh which led to their repentance is also about to do something amazing in Hamilton that will bring about a massive harvest. Declare with me “Hamilton Shall Be Saved”. Your fellow brother in Christ, Solomon


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