Understanding God’s work through St Nicholas (Santa Claus) this Christmas.

I recently had a desire to dress as santa claus and go preach the glorious gospel on the streets. I suddenly began to find every excuse as to why I shouldn’t dress up as santa preaching on the streets. After sharing the idea with trusted Christian friends, leaders with prayers in the mix… I felt peace to run with the idea. Two friends of mine would later remind me that I had the same idea a year ago but I was too afraid to follow through. I pondered, could this idea coming to me a second time be an idea from the Lord? My heart desire is always to be God’s hand and feet while spreading the glorious gospel everywhere in every season before Jesus soon return. I am reminded by a quote by Smith Wigglesworth “To the man of faith, there is not a thing that is not opportunity”. Dressing as Santa is an opportunity I’ve had to seize to reach many people this Christmas season with the help of the Holy Spirit. According to statistics, there are more suicides, depressions, anxieties and crimes in December of every year. There is an invitation from the Lord for His people to extend hope, the gospel and bring about an awakening to those who are sleeping during this season. Jesus is still in the business of seeking and saving lost people!
Santa Claus is a legend based mostly on the life of Saint Nicholas, a real life, historical follower of Jesus Christ. He was a man who gave generously to those in need and fulfilled the Biblical command to love your neighbor. Saint Nicholas was a real believer in Jesus Christ who was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith. He served the purposes of God in his generation.
Imagine a Santa that would tell people that the season is not about him but about Christ Jesus. Imagine a Santa redirecting people’s attention to the true reason for the season-Jesus! My assignment in dressing up as Santa Claus is not only to offer hope and encouragement to the broken, but also to admonish people to get ready because Jesus is coming alot sooner than we think.

According to research, Santa Claus name derives from the Dutch word Sinterklaas which is another way of saying Saint Nicholas. The name Nicholas means “victory of the people”. God made Saint Nicholas in His image and likeness so that he would bring victory to people in his generation. He was a real person who served God and gave gifts to help others. St Nicholas was a Saint (he had the fragrance of Jesus). He was a bishop (Overseer of many churches). St Nicholas was a street evangelist (he turned many away from idols, and towards a relationship with Jesus), He was a revivalist (received the lives of many that were broken through miracles). St Nicholas was a lover of Jesus ( he had a healthy lifestyle of prayer and devotion to the Lord). I must finish my blog here by encouraging you with the good news that Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus (St Nicholas). Christmas points to the birth and celebration of a Savior, a Person, a Redeemer, a Deliverer. Isaiah 9:6 Tells us “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. That is our Jesus, that is our God who we are celebrating this season and in every season. The next time you see the words Saint Nicholas or you see me dressed as Santa Claus somewhere in the streets preaching… be reminded of God’s gracious gift to us in the person of Jesus; be reminded of a Saint Nicholas who lived a life being God’s hand and feet.


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