Red Zone Revival.

Since Sunday, I have had a righteous anger at the announcement of several regions moving back into Ontario’s COVID-19 ‘red zone’ restrictions for a second time this year. I eventually felt an urge to research the term ‘red zone’ and how it is defined. Apparently , the red zone is defined as “conditions that exceed safety limits. A region that is dangerous or forbidden, or in which a particular activity is prohibited.” This had me reflecting that some of the greatest revivals that have ever been done or recorded in history were done in a ‘red zone’ situation – times and places that were considered unsafe.

I was encouraged and challenged by Aimee Semple McPherson’s faith. In 1918, in the middle of the influenza epidemic, the U.S government had placed a ban on public gatherings. The city was in a ‘red zone’ similar to what we see today. But, God told Aimee to go anyways. She obeyed and the government lifted the ban for 3 weeks and hundreds of people came to know Jesus in her three week revival event  in Tulsa. By the way , Aimee was a young women from Ontario.

In football, the ‘red zone’ is the area on the field between the twenty yard line and the goal line. How a team performs in this area often determines whether they win or lose the game. Teams that have trouble keeping the ball moving forward once inside the twenty yard line or those who struggle stopping their opponents in this part of the playing field, rarely manage to win. But, those teams who continue to push the ball forward even after they have entered the ‘red zone’ and teams whose defenses are able to shut down the other team’s offence once in scoring range, almost always gain the victory. To a great extent, mastering of this small portion of the field is what determines victory or loss in the game of football.

I believe God is calling on His church to walk into every door He has opened and to seize every divine opportunity He has given.  I believe we have entered a ‘red zone’ revival where many would encounter and be flooded by the precious blood of the lamb. Remember, the Apostle Paul did some of his greatest work ministering to the Gentiles in many ‘red zone’ areas. Have a look at King David, who won some of his greatest battles in ‘red zone’ situations, and Jesus who healed many who were sick, raised the dead, and overcame death in ‘red zone’ circumstances.  The Great Commission still stands, the church must play offence, this is your hour to share the gospel like it’s your last time.  We are all in the midst of a great move of God. Many people are suffering, many are in need of hope and we’ve been commissioned by the Lord to share the good news. During these times, many believers think it is better to be safe, than sorry. But, God is still whispering His truth this last hour. He is saying “it is better to be saved than sorry later”.

When the son of man returns, will He find you in quarantine or will He find you conquering in the ‘red zone’? Jesus has given each and everyone of us a measure of faith to be about His business. I would encourage you to have faith, take the next step and see what God does next. There are real people in these ‘red zone’ times who need saving and you are the person Jesus Christ is sending to be an answer to that need!

More grace to you all.

Your friend, Solomon


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