God Has A Dream! Event Update.


Great faith is birthed through simple acts of obedience. When you take those steps of faith, what you’re doing is positioning yourself for God to intervene and do something that is absolutely remarkable.

I recently came across a fascinating nugget of YMCA history which inspired me to do more research about the charity. The YMCA was founded by a devout Christian man by the name of George Williams back in 1844 in England. George Williams saw a problem amongst the young men in his community and gathered together some of his co-workers to form the Young Men’s Christian Association which we all know as the (YMCA).

I don’t think George Williams knew that the NBA (National Basketball Association) would be founded at one of his facility 47 years later by a guy named James Naismith. God knew though, He is all knowing…He saw the many millions that would be impacted through the visions He gave these men for His glory.

God isn’t looking for more apostles and prophets in the world. He is looking for donkeys who are willing to carry the Lamb of God into cities, communities and streets while He gets ALL the Glory. He has need of us, we are His hands and feet.

I wonder what other powerful dreams God wants to birth through one of His believing children today. Through ”Love Rained Down”, we want to water that seed of creativity that is buried deep within people.

This is why I am taking this opportunity to invite you to another ”Love Rained Down” gathering, themed ”Birthing God’s Dream”. It is scheduled to be on Sunday June 23rd at 3:00pm in the YMCA Auditorium right at 325 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga.

Come in expectancy!



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