A burst of Breakthrough!


Welcome to a new page in your story, another beautiful day the Lord has made. If I were to give the place God has positioned you right now a name, it would be called ”Baal-Perazim”.  It means, ”The God of the breakthrough”.

In 1 Chronicles 14:11, David was filled with so much joy with the great victory the Lord had given them in a battle to the point he named the place ”Baal-Perazim. David likened God’s power to the bursting forth of waters. He described it as a flood.  You might be in a place right now feeling surrounded by challenges and you’re wondering when God is going to show up, my encouragement to you this day is to anticipate a bursting forth of breakthrough. God is about to flood you with favor, peace, joy and breakthrough.

Sometimes God takes us on a long planned detour, to prepare us for a massive moment, and that massive moment will be similar to what David called a bursting forth of waters in “Baal-Perazim”.

Keep the faith, knowing God is about to show up big in this phase of your life. May you be championed to greater things in Jesus name.


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