An encouragement inspired by A little boys lunch!


Imagine packing only lunch for a Saturday revival fellowship meeting 3 hours away from your home in an isolated country farm and you had no idea how long it would last. To your surprise the revival fellowship lasted two days and every one around you is fired up and really hungry with no places around the farm to buy food. Imagine Jesus was the speaker and He asked for the lunch you had for yourself, not knowing what He was going to do with it and the next thing He does; He multiples it and feeds every one at this revival meeting. Something like that happened in John 6.

In John 6 we read about an interesting situation! 5 thousand men not to mention women and kids showed up for a Jesus meeting. In their midst is the bread of life and our provider-Jesus. Everyone at this meeting eventually became really hungry and Jesus fed everyone of them, multiplying a little boy’s lunch! A little boy’s five loaves and two fishes was all that was needed for this miracle.

We don’t know the boys name, his address, what he looked like, or his story! All we know is that he was a little boy that had five barley loaves and two small fishes. The boy had no idea he was packing lunch for 5 thousand men that day. Only Jesus can use the little we have to do the great miracles only He can do.

We live in a world today with so many problems and chaos, But God has deposited solutions inside of every one of us to be the difference maker right where we are.

The gift, talent or ability God gave you is your key to success. God did not give it to you to be put on display behind a glass showcase. He did not give it to you to waste. Nor did He give it to you for you to hide and deny it out of a false sense of religious humility. God gave you a gift to be poured out, used and invested toward others.

If you are a person who is wondering what God has given you for the benefit of others? Then spend some time with Jesus right now asking Him to lead you into the purpose He created you for. Ask the Lord to multiply all that you have in your hands and to give you a burning desire to reach those that don’t know Him.

It’s not too late to be who God has called you to be, don’t let your past stop you from becoming who God intended for you to be. You are not a victim – refuse to submit to self pity! You have been made victorious through Christ Jesus! Live fully engaged in who you REALLY are. You are an unrepeated miracle… designed masterfully by God Himself.




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