The Encourager!


Anything discouragement can do, The encourager can do better.

When discouragement says you’re finished, The Encourager says it’s not over.
When discouragement says it’s over, The Encourager says God has a comeback planned.
When discouragement says you are going to die, The Encourager says you are going to live.
When discouragement says there is no hope, The Encourager says joy comes in the morning.
When discouragement says you won’t survive, The Encourager says Be still and know that I am God.
When discouragement points at your setback, The Encourager says it’s a set up.
When discouragement shouts lies at you, The Encourager whispers Gods truth at you.
When discouragement shows dressed up as anxiety, The Encourager shows dressed up as peace.
When discouragement reminds you of your past, The Encourager reminds you of God’s promise.
When discouragement says to give up on your story, The Encourager says its only a chapter.
When discouragement says you are unqualified, The Encourager says Jesus qualified you.
When discouragement points you to your history, The Encourager points you to your destiny.
When discouragement shows up as fear, The Encourager gives you more faith.
When discouragement comes at you roaring like a lion, The Encourager shows up destroying that lying lion like a young goat.

Discouragement loses its power when you remember you have a track record of making comebacks with God’s help. The greatest encourager in the world lives inside of us.

Solomon Davies


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