Take Off The Umbrella!

Take Off the Umbrella!

rain kids

Living in Benin City Nigeria as a child is a time in my life I will never forget. The raining season was just wild! The heavy rain would sometimes cause flood and damages in various areas in the city. What some of the adults then saw as a setback, some of the kids saw as an opportunity to have fun. I remember some of the kids seeing the heavy rain as an opportunity to showcase their swimming skills. They often danced and played in the rain, with barely any clothes on not to mention the loud thunder blasting in the clouds. Watching these kids in the heavy rain are part of my memory collection I keep with me from my child hood.

In North America on the other hand, kids playing in the rain with no umbrella would be considered as a foolish act and stupidity! Their parents would most likely be tagged as idiots for not cautioning their kids to have an umbrella or to stay away from the rain. I believe there are some spiritual truths in my memory of the kids in Benin City Nigeria who took advantage of the raining season, and my observation of what I have seen here during the spring time in North America.

God wants us to anticipate His showers of blessings and play in the rain like those kids in Nigeria! Don’t worry about the loud thunder either…It’s the voice of God, loudly affirming His love for you. In the natural when it rains we have our umbrella; in the supernatural, when it rains God wants us to take off our umbrella and receive His rain. He desires that we become like kids again ….allowing Him to flood our hearts, homes, streets, communities, cities and nations with His love. We hear the encouraging words of Jesus in Matthew 19:14 -Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Solomon Davies


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