The Terribly Smell of Un-belief!

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Often times our un-belief prevents God from cleaning and sweeping our mess. We forget that He knows best how to get us out of a storm.

We look at a situation in John 11:39, Martha protested to Jesus that her brother Lazarus had been dead for days and had a terrible smell. Every now and then we also tell Jesus our situations looks hopeless and protest it also has a smell. Could it be the real smell is our un-belief rather than our situation? When we believe and trust Jesus at His word, we begin to smell the fragrances of Him in our lives and our setbacks becomes a setup to seeing His fragrance being poured over our stories.

Today let Jesus come in whatever situation you may be going through, and let the beautiful smell of His fragrance overpower the smell of your pain. Be reassured that Jesus loves you personally, powerfully and passionately.

Solomon Davies


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