Why Not Me! Our day to day response to the ultimate question we read in Isaiah 6:8…The voice of the Lord was heard saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And Isaiah’s response was…. “Here am I… Send me! There is not a day that the Lord allows us to see, that He doesn’t ask who will go for Him. What if we started our every day by responding back to Him, Lord… “Why not me?” What if our response followed up with a big YES to whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do in and through our lives.

Don’t believe the lie from the enemy that God can’t change the world through you,  your life matters. Someone I know says it best….When our perspective is preloaded with the word of God, lies lose their power over our life. God gives us the gift of life; our gift back to Him is saying yes to being His business partners.

A “Why Not Me” person doesn’t always know how the Lord is going to work through or use them, but while being led by the Holy Spirit in an adventure, they see mountains move. God may use you in areas that may seem small or big in your eyes. It may be Him prompting you to…

  • Call friends who need encouragement.
  • Assist disadvantage youth.
  • Love on those who don’t know what the Fathers love looks like.
  • Lead a ministry that will impact many lives.
  • Engage and connect with those from broken homes.
  • Direct a cell group in your church.

Whatever it is, know you are CALLED!

Be encouraged to go deeper in your walk with God! See your life as a move of God, rather than waiting to see a move of God. Don’t be afraid to be creative in serving others. Because it just might show them a little sparkle of what Jesus is like, and they’ll then check out the source.

Lastly, a person with a “Why Not Me” mindset doesn’t look to what the world can do for them, but rather allow the Lord to position them while doing something amazing in the world through them. May our response to God’s call for who will go for Him, be “Lord Why Not Me.”

Solomon Davies


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