What you G.I.V.E (God Inspired Vision Engagement) to our FILM will be a massive push toward our goal.…nothing is too small. 


Few years ago, I shared an idea with a friend about producing a FILM Documentary but after a long conversation about the idea, we realized it was not the right time for it with the many other things we had going on in our lives. With a series of divine appointments, opportunities and a God inspired vision recently, I brought up the conversation again with my friend, and we both agreed the timing was right for the FILM documentary we had spoken about from time to time during the last few years.

With that being said, I quickly realized without the help of partners, family and friends…the mission toward this FILM will be a very high mountain to climb. 

If you are considering to give toward this Love Rained Down Film Documentary inspired by John 3:16, understand Nothing is too small. Great moves of God are usually triggered by a burning Jesus bunch that live the YES life. We need your YES, we need your help toward producing this FILM.

Your faith to give anything from $5, 10$, $30, $50, $500 or beyond will come with great payoffs and lead to lives being changed.

There are many people that still don’t believe in Jesus which can be seen through their words and actions, we believe this FILM documentary will be a timely project that will help us in our mission to creatively see the hearts of people flooded with God’s love.

Visit our campaign here below to G.I.V.E whatever you can as we together make a difference in the world. https://www.gofundme.com/love-rained-down-film

Solomon Ikhuiwu


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