Seize your “John 3:16” moment!


Don’t let anybody speak something to you that’s different than what God is saying to you. Let your heart be tuned to God and His word, you have no idea where He is going to lead you. Life is not about what you do; life is about WHY you do what you do. It’s about whether or not there is going to be a John 3:16 moments for somebody.

Too many people today are depending on various manuals in the world today for guidance. The world gives us manuals; God gave us Immanuel-God with us. It is only in Christ and with Him can we discover God’s will and purposes for our lives.
God has given us His son Jesus, how we seize our John 3:16 moments, pointing others to Him is our gift back to Him.

Next Saturday March 24th, @ 12pm, will be an opportunity at my book launch for people to ask questions regarding purpose or how to walk in it. You are all invited to the ‘’Love Rained Down: 30 Day March With Purpose’’ book launch at Humber College North Campus. Email us for more details and Seize your “John 3:16” moment!


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