God has provided a G.P.S system for a successful school year. A school year with Jesus at the center is promised to be one of testimonies AND adventure. It would be to your benefit to be intentional with God’s G.P.S and be fully engaged and aware with what He is doing right where He’s positioned you this school year. Three Key ways to find success this school year is to be engaged with God, our Parents and our School.

Your success in school this semester will first be determined by how you engage with God. Yes, Jesus wants to be in our schools and flood the whole place with His presence and love. We live in a time Jesus has been taking out of our school system. You may just be the student Jesus wants to use in a very big way this school year to heal your school. Pray for your school and your teachers daily! Ask God to use you in small or big way. Be so filled with grace and compassion to the point others in your school can’t help but to ask why and you in return point them to the hope you have in Jesus.

Be available and let God connect you to other students in the school that also love Him. Remember where two or more students are together, be sure Jesus is there.

In regards to our parents, honor them this school year. Get them involved in your journey this semester. There is an encouragement in Exodus 20:12 that say “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you”. Do you want to have a successful school year and see God use you in a big way in the school He’s giving you? Then honor your parents. Don’t be so proud to the point you don’t answer their phone calls or get so busy partying you don’t call them during the school year.

Let your parents know what God is doing in and through you and be quick to let them know how they can best assist you in your school year.
There are students out there that are not honest with their parents during the school year; this is a form of dishonoring your parents. When we honor our parents by telling them the truth whatever the situation may be, we are also honoring God.

I also want to finish this letter by inviting you all to seize every opportunity God blesses you with at your school. Be motivated and fired up to champion revival at your school. It may be you starting prayer meetings or bible studies in one of the rooms at your school where other students can be invited to join. It may be you just offering students prayer and encouragements before tests and big assignment, whatever the Lord is placing in your heart to start this school year, go after it and watch how He moves through you.

Solomon Davies



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