But Moses said, “Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone
else.”-Exodus 4:13


How often do we also say this to the Lord with words or our body language
when asked by Him to an assignment. We sing songs, ”Lord we want to be
used by you”, but when He answers the cry of our heart to be used by Him
we say Lord send someone else.

I recently had a dream, I was asked to be the Chaplain for a well known
soccer team. Not only the great desire of being able to disciple well known
athletes was being met in my dream, I suddenly found myself asking a well
known pastor to disciple the athletes for me. In my surprise, the athletes
did not respond to the message this well known pastor had to share and the
athletes all walked away looking disappointed. I wondered why they were not
touched by the words of this well known preacher, I suddenly realized I had
shifted my responsibility and given my assignment to the well known

I remember waking up thinking about the times in my past I shifted my God
given responsibilities to others.

The take away words from the above verse is ”Please send someone
else”. A once heard it said that whatever we think someone else
should be doing in God’s kingdom, there is a good chance we’re called to

We often tell God to send other people to an assignment or mission we
fully well know burns in our heart. If there is a God given cause that
burns in your heart, Don’t tell God to send someone else, ask God to give
you the wisdom, strategy and motivation to take it on for His glory.

When Jesus had asked the servants to fill the jars with water which
they filled to the brim in John 2:7, the servants did not say Lord
”Please send someone else”….they simply obeyed.  We are also God
servants and must do whatever He tells us to do.


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