God is a Defender of the widows. Are You?

God is a Defender of the widows. Are You?

”From the widows to the orphans, I remember you” …were the words of Mary Lyn, after her visit to India a couple of years ago. God knows how to remind us of our promises. Years later, we find ourselves being led by God to remember the widows this Valentine’s.

One remarkable truth that is often forgotten is just how much God loves those who are widows. While society may overlook them and their needs, God does not, for they are mentioned over eighty times in the Bible.

We would see many people in (Luke 7:11) following Jesus to visit a widow… bringing her dead son back to life.

One of the many great things we get to do with your generous donation, is to send roses to widows locally! We assure them The Rose of Sharon has not forgotten them. We believe as we visit some of the widows here locally, dead things in their life that are meant to live…will come to life again.

Visit our link to find out more https://www.generosity.com/community-fundr…/love-rained-down


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